Moss Terrarium// Pharmacy Jar// Woodland Lovers// DIY kit

$ 90.00

The perfect gift for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a wedding gift. A symbol of everlasting love.

A romantic little landscape tucked into a charming pharmacy jar terrarium. Detailed with a cute couple sitting on a bench, the elderly man stealing a kiss from the elderly woman.

A carefree centerpiece and a great conversation starter for sure.

Closed moss terrariums are very easy to care for. They require indirect light, never direct sun, and occasional light misting with a spray bottle.

This terrarium ships as a DIY kit with detailed instructions. You will receive sufficient amounts of river pebbles, sphagnum peat moss, soil, and pre picked moss pieces specifically for this terrarium. They will fit perfectly through the opening and into the jar.

This kit is slightly more advanced, because the opening of the jar is too small to fit your hand, which means you will have to work with tools instead of your hands. The most important tool, a chopstick topped with a cork stopper, will be included in your kit.

Dimensions: 5x5x10

Read more about air plants and how to care for them under our plants section. We also include a care sheet in every package.

Shipped in 3-5 business days via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days)

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