Woodland Lovers// Moss Terrarium// DIY Kit

$ 55.00

Go green with moss!
A new approach to greening our urban environments.

Closed moss terrariums are very easy to care for. They require indirect light, never direct sun, and occasional light misting with a spray bottle.

This terrarium comes as a DIY kit.

Your kit will include everything necessary to make one of my moss terrariums plus detailed instruction on how to put it all together.
You will receive a generous amount of live moss, soil, river rocks, sphagnum, and last but not least the little folks. You can pick between Woodland Lovers 3 (elderly couple on bench), Woodland Lovers 1 (kissing couple with blond female), or Woodland Lovers 2 ( kissing couple, female is holding hat). The figurines will be glued on a pebble already, you just have to place it in the container.

Please note that the chicken or geese are not included for this listing, the couples only!

Dimensions of the apothecary jar:
8" tall (with the lid) and 4" wide

Shipped in 3-5 business days via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days)

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