DIY Lichen Terrarium// Small

$ 38.00

Bring the great outdoors into your home with this miniature lichen terrarium and enjoy the wonders of nature up close. A gift for the true nature lover.

At least three varieties of lichen in a beautifully shaped vase on layers of polished river rocks and sphagnum peat moss.

As carefree as it gets. You can let it dry out, it will not die. Then mist with a spray bottle and watch the magic unfold when the plant comes slowly back to life.

Shipped as a kit with detailed instructions on how to put it together. The lichen pieces are of perfect size and shape for this specific terrarium.

Please note that this is a miniature terrarium, only 4" tall. Pictures taken up close can make items appear larger.

Lichen is a kind of primitive plant species, an organism made up of two separate species, algae and fungi. Remarkable in that it can tolerate the most extreme environments. It can live on soil, woody debris, rocks, tree bark, tree leaves, desert sand, and even rusty metal. To assist its survival in such inhospitable conditions, Lichen is able to shut down during periods of unfavorable conditions/during drought and then with the appropriate amount of light and moisture reconstitute itself. Nature's pioneer!

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