Lavender// Air Plant Terrarium

$ 35.00

The fragrant terrarium, exquisitely composed with great attention to detail.

Houses a beautiful Tillandsia Caput Medusae, one of my favorite air plants and also one of the easiest to care for, and a smaller Tillandsia variety. Detailed with natural and purple reindeer moss, lavender, driftwood, and Echinops.

A beautiful hanging Tillandsia garden - as a bonus comes the soothing fragrance of lavender. 

Please note that the air plants may or may not be in bloom at time of shipment.

Choose between a 9.5" medium tall or a 12" tall terrarium.

Comes with a string for hanging.

A care/info sheet will be included in your package.

Shipped in 1-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days)

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